Glenhaven Dentistry


At Glenhaven Dentistry we offer state of the art technology for all of your dental needs.  All of these different types of technologies help us provide  better and more comfortable dental care

High Powered Magnification

Working in millimeters on a daily basis is difficult to see with the naked eye. At Glenhaven Dentistry we use magnification for everything. Whether it's with loupes or a High powered microscope, we are able to see so much more and give the best care possible with each patient

Digital Charting

Digital (Paperless) Charting allows us to access patients information and chart notes from anywhere in the office.  It provides a quicker and more accessible way to record all procedure notes, insurance information, xrays and intraoral photography. 


Soft Tissue Laser

Sometimes during various procedures, a soft tissue laser becomes an invaluable instrument to help control gums and gain access to restorations.  When needed, this laser contours the gums with out any bleeding and sometimes can be used with out any numbing!  

Digital Xrays

Digital Xrays provide us with clear and instant radiographs that can be pulled up on any computer in the office.  These types of radiographs make collecting data and diagnosing so much quicker and streamlines the patient experience. 

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